Exothermic Weld Common Joints

Amiable - AURAWELD® is the leading Manufacturer of Exothermic Welding Powder, Exothermic Graphite Mold and Exothermic Weld Accessories.

1) Cable To Cable Joints - Exothermic Weld

Straight TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-copper-cable-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-copper-cable-x-joint-graphite-mould

2) Cable to Rod Joints - Exothermic Weld

Horizontal Joint TEE Joint / T Joint X - Joint
copper-cable-to-ground-rod-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-rod-connections-x-joint

3) Cable To Bar Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable Tap To Bar - TEE / T Joint Cable Run To Bar - TEE / T Joint
4) Cable To Surface (Steel/Copper) Joints - Exothermic Weld

Cable To Surface (Steel / Copper) Cable Run To Surface (Steel / Copper)
copper-cable-run-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould copper-cable-to-surface-steel-copper-graphite-mould
5) Bar to Bar Connections (BB)- Exothermic Welding

Straight Joint TEE Joint / T Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-straight-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-tee-t-joint-graphite-mould
Full Cross Joint Half Cross Joint
copper-bar-to-copper-bar-full-cross-joint-graphite-mould copper-bar-to-copper-bar-half-cross-joint-graphite-mould
6) Bar To Ground Rod Connections (BR)- Exothermic Welding

Bar To Ground Rod Bar Run To Ground Rod
horizontal-bar-to-vertical-ground-rod-graphite-mould horizontal-bar-run-to-vertical-ground-rod-graphite-mould

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